September Shake-up!

With the essence of fall creeping upon us, it's a subtle reminder that it's time for a shift. A shift in perspective, ideas, feelings, moods, and most important reality! The summer break high is officially OV--... I dare not type it, but you get my drift.

Just when you thought you got used to the summer schedule, BOOM, school's back in session. And if you got an early start like I did (August 13th to be exact), you're probably in the full swing of things. And the to-do list is never-ending... Here's how I stay on top of things!

*The Happy Planner*

"People don't plan to fail; they fail to plan."

Here's to Happy Planning!

Transitioning back to school can be a task in itself. Managing and prioritizing helps things flow a little more smoothly. And even if it doesn't hold true, at least this planner has gotten me excited about everything I need and want to accomplish! The Happy Planner® has not only helped me find a balance between my personal and work life, but the amount of creativity and customization has made planning that much better. Get you one, it just might change your life...or at least help you manage it!

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