Is Reading Still Reading?

We've heard it said that reading is a lost art. In today's digital era, that claim wouldn't be far fetched. It's so easy to get wrapped up in social media or get your daily dose of "fake news" through your favorite media outlet. With podcasts and audio books on the rise, it seems that reading just isn't the same.

In today’s society, it seems that the love of reading is not as alive as it used to be. The reasons for this may be two-fold. Many working class people claim that juggling between, school, parenting, home-life responsibilities, and/or working a full-time job, there's hardly anytime to sit down and open a book. With no time to read, not opening a book becomes a habit... And reading becomes a chore, rather than a hobby.

It seems pointless to even ask someone how many books they've read in the past year, because most people can't recall, or they'll exaggerate the number, in fear of being condemned by their peers. Let's face it, we have fallen victim to the pervasive alternative, called the Internet. You can easily access a host of blogs, online forums, and/or social networks which provide a huge amount of information on a wide range of topics. Practically anything you want to know is at your fingertips. Ultimately leading to people becoming less inclined to do fact checking on their own; rather they just agree with the trending "opinion".

There's no app that can replace your lap!

The majority of teenagers/young adults today seem to always have their noses’ in their phones, watching television, or browsing on their computers. Whatever happened to books? It seems many new age parents and their children view reading as a task only necessary to survive school. Which is why it comes as no surprise that many of our students get frustrated when they're asked to pick up a book.

Believe it or not, our habits as adults have a lasting impressions on our children. And in my professional opinion, quite frankly, there's no such replacement for an old-fashioned book, especially for young emerging readers. Kids can engage with a book in ways that an electronic reader just doesn’t quite permit.

Even in this technology based world, reading is and will always be an important part of our daily lives, Does it really matter "how" we read, as much as it matters if we read at all? How can we go about instilling a genuine love of reading?

The question then becomes: is the information that we find on the Internet enough to foster our personal and professional success, or reading old-fashioned books is still necessary?

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